February 23rd, 2007


Link salad for a Friday morning

Steampunk keyboard mod. If someone could do one of those for me in a Mac-compatible keyboard, they would be my new best friend. Warning, the site seems to be easily overwhelmed.

Brass Goggles: The lighter side of steampunk, with a link to a Hungarian museum.

Self constructing robot. A redundant array of inexpensive robots, basically. A RAIR thing, to be sure.

Flying Fiat, by the magic of Turkish water pressure.

The AVE Mizar -- Man With the Golden Gun, anyone?

non-object BOOK. Some very cool thought going into this one. Near term futurism at a serious tangent.

Frank Buchwald Lamps. These are so going on my Amazon wish list.

And don't forget the voting poll for the Mainspring ARC contest. r0ck3tsci3ntist is in the lead, with skidspoppe a close second. I'll close it out tonight or tomorrow morning, and announce the winner then.

A Friday poll

Poll #933586 What do the lyrics really mean?

The chorus of "Blinded By the Light" refers to:

Feminine hygiene
The Vietnam War
Hot rods
The loneliness of the long distance runner

Who did Jimi Hendrix want to kiss?

His bass player
Blake Edwards
John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh
Some guy
No, this guy

What, precisely, is a whiter shade of pale?

LINUX geeks
Her face at first just ghostly
Underwear that's fun to wear
I don't know, but I'm turning cartwheels across the floor

Why are we having this poll?

Mama, that's where the fun is
Jay doesn't listen to any music recorded after 1990
Because it's Friday and it's too early to start drinking
Wait, it's never too early to start drinking

Bonus question

Bonus answer
Ticky box
Tocky box
Barry Bostwick
Boston's "More Than a Feeling"

scalzi on writer incomes

scalzi on writer incomes.

The comment thread is interesting. My response was:

This one's interesting for me, because while I aspire to a high degree of openness in my blogging about my writing life, I've never talked money, except perhaps in the most general terms. I'm very wary of doing so, I think because I've worked in business all my adult life (marketing, software and telecomm) and keeping financial info confidential is second nature to me, reinforced by the umpteen NDAs I've signed over the years.

I will go so far as to say I made about $15,000 off writing last year, which is a small but respectable fraction of John's income. It's by no means a living wage. I would be terribly loathe to break that out by source for anyone but my agent or the IRS.

*However*, I am the sole wage earner and provider of benefits for two adults and a child. Even if I were making well into six figures off books (!) I couldn't afford not to have a day job, because both the Child and her mother have chronic health conditions which pretty much mandate that they receive insurance through non-qualifying (ie, employer sponsored) groups. I'd have to make enough money to be confident of being able to pay $2,000-3,000 per month in free market health insurance costs for *years to come* before I'd begin to consider writing full time.

Ain't gonna happen.