March 3rd, 2007


Is it Saturday already?

What a week. Been having a father-daughter day with the_child so far. I'll be out and about later. Got some Mainspring ARCs off in yesterday's mail, along with (I believe) all mail to recent contest winners. Have a whole pile more of ARCs to deal with mailing very shortly. I'm kind of enjoying having nothing go terribly wrong today, for a change...

Happy weekend, everyone. Me, I'm off to Omaha Monday, then Potlatch this coming weekend.


Doing my part to boost this signal on this one.

rosefox sends this link about Books2Prisoners, devoted to (re)building prison libraries in New Orleans, in part through donations of ARCs and author copies to juvenile detention centers.

I'll be dropping a selection in the mail shortly. Consider doing so yourself, and passing the link onward or reposting it.

Next up...

Stemwinder is off in the mail, both virtually and paperly. Mainspring marketing and promotional activity burbles along now. Meanwhile, I'll be diving this coming week into submission draft edits for Madness of Flowers. If you haven't checked out Trial of Flowers Amazon ] yet, please do. If you like decadent urbanism or anything within shouting distance of the New Weird, it should hit the spot.

It must be Opposite Day again in Conservative Land

“I think that the American people lose if I spend all my time worrying about congressional requests for information, if I spend all my time responding to subpoenas.”

-- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, on declining to respond to Congressional requests for information about the recent United States attorney firings, which were apparently highly-politically motivated despite explicit denials from Gonzales and other DOJ figures

As quoted

Wonder how the Republican-controlled 106th Congress would have viewed such a response from Janet Reno or any other administration official during the heady days of the Clinton impeachment? Doesn't matter, it's all good now.