March 6th, 2007



JayCon VIII will probably be Saturday, June 23rd. I'll confirm this shortly, but if you're going to be anywhere near Portland, OR then, or want to be, mark your calendars. I'm expecting guests from four states, one Canadian province, and Asia. I may get around to doing badges and program book this year, just for the heck of it.

Off to work shortly. See y'all on the other side.

Help wanted from my Eurozone and Oz friends

Hello lj land. I have an odd request from the day job. We need to test some SMS (text messaging) functionality with cell phones in Europe and in Australia. We don't have any employees or contractors in either region, unfortunately. If you're willing to receive an extremely small number of SMS messages (1 to 3) in the next two days, and respond via email to a couple of simple questions about them, it would be a huge help to me in my role as SMS product manager for my employer.

Please email me at jlake(a) if you're willing to help. It's greatly appreciated.

Cheesey cheese cheese

The Omaha Beach Party met in special session tonight over an orgy of cheese at the home of garyomaha and M, along with friends and family. Mmm...mmm...mmm...19 kinds of cheese (I believe) and more food than you could shake a double handful of joysticks at. I took no photos, so the world shall have to await garyomaha's talents.

Home now at my hotel, quite tired. Took advantage of my jacuzzi, though. It's made me quite slee...