March 12th, 2007


Halliburton to move to Dubai

Halliburton moving corporate headquaters to Dubai.

Wow. You couldn't make that up. And incidentally, I wonder how accessible corporate records housed in Dubai would be for a Congressional investigation or a criminal prosecution?

Good think Vice President Cheney's on the job with Halliburton. Otherwise I might suspect shenanigans instead of pure dee Republican patriotism.

ETA: Here's a little Gedankenexperiment for you. What would the right and the commentariat say if, for example, George Soros did such a thing?

A bit of this, a dash of that

Got a nice letter about Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ] today. Gentleman said he'd stayed up all night reading it and was very much looking forward to Madness of Flowers. Speaking of which, I'm now most of the way through line editing that manuscript. It's a nifty book.

DST kicked my butt today, coming off of the Omaha trip, Potlatch, and social activities Sunday. I have persevered, but somehow I still think it's going to be a long week. In other news, the sale of Rancho Lake is slowly going forward, though not by the easiest path we'd hoped for. Also, the_child has discovered the joys of downhill skiing.

I will be all about teh Madness tomorrow at the Fireside writing group. Everything else is much of a muchness, at least til something breaks. I'll be posting some photos of the_child fencing when I get them loaded tomorrow, and I've got a couple of substantial blog topics cued up, including one which is a guaranteed meat grinder. Also it's been a day of dealing with programming -- I have my Norwescon schedule, and began the process of getting programmed for ArmadilloCon. And I've promised about five short stories to various people.

In other words, I'm slowly getting back to normal.