March 18th, 2007


Publishers Weekly on Mainspring

A friend sent me the text of the upcoming PW review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]. I'll link to the full text when it becomes available, but in the mean time, here's the opening and closing lines.

Lake (Trial of Flowers) envisions the universe as an enormous clockwork, put in motion by God, complete with gears and a mainspring hidden at the Earth's center, in his intriguing first trade hardcover novel, a fantasy set in the magic-tinged late 19th century.
The author of more than 200 short stories, Lake demonstrates his enormously fertile imagination in this unusual book, marred only by some sluggish pacing. (June)

One thing or another...

The art of Pierre Matter — courtesy of skidspoppe.

A video of the_child fencing.

Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job?

scalzi: I don't disagree with your premises, but I think you're nuts. Good luck to you regardless.

matociquala: You're a true pro. Don't ever forget that.

In other news, the_child and I took a drive up to Lolo Pass Road this morning, up in the Mt. Hood National forest, north of Zigzag, OR. It was a nice trip, with interesting pictures taken along the way. (Watch for a photo post on that later tonight or sometime tomorrow.) We turned back when we hit snow on the road. Wonderful day to be cruising at a bit of altitude with the top down.

I think that's it for tonight. Watch for continued wit and erudition tomorrow, and some photos.