March 26th, 2007


Reader response to Trial of Flowers

Anent Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]:

Ogre (apparently not the_ogre) talks favorably about the book on his blog.

Take your standard fantasy environment with maybe a hint of steam-punk, add in some elder Gods alla cthulhu and you get the premise (somewhat) behind this novel.

Trent Jamieson likes it a lot, as well.

Trial was such a clever book, with echoes of so many other books – Jay tips his hat to the genre of decadent urban(e) fantasy with absolute assurance.

Madness of Flowers will be out to Night Shade (and second readers) in a day or two.

Iraq who?

“Every soldier you talk to, man or woman, officer or enlisted personnel, they know why they’re there, they know what they’re doing,” Mr. Sununu said. “Nothing has more of an emotional impact as when you hear them say there is nowhere that I would rather be, there is no job that I’d rather be doing and all we ask you is to continue to support us.”

Sen. John Sununu (R-NH), as quoted in the New York Times

Really, John? You don't think the fact that you're a prominent Republican senator has anything to do with what soldiers are willing to say to you?

I can't decide if that's deliberately disingenuous, or just stupid.