March 27th, 2007


A dictionary of dwarfen fingertalk

While doing first read on the raw draft of Madness of Flowers, khaybee compiled this dictionary of the expressions in dwarfen fingertalk which were mentioned in Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ] and/or Madness of Flowers.

SourceFingertalk expressionMeaning
ToFLilies on the riverTo accept one's fate, ride the current of events rather than fight it
ToFThe wind speaks from all quartersThere is always more than one voice giving advice
ToFThe storm tramples the grainThe inevitable is at hand, to postpone current discussions/events for another time
ToFWater upon the stepsDanger in a familiar guise
ToFIce thawing on the riverWait for another time
ToF[a crook of the left little finger]Indicating unquestioning acknowledgment
ToFSunrise comesSwearing to the inevitable truthfulness of one's words
ToFFish sell best on the market blockEverything must happen when its time comes
ToFFollow the riverLet it happen when it happens
ToFThe cord that binds the grainThis will be held together
ToFFrogs swim in shitEveryone does what they have to
ToFApples fall from the tree, birds fall from the skyOpportunity presents itself
ToFStill water behind a strong damPeace, within everyone's interests
ToFLightning on the rooftopsDanger all around
ToFWise men plow long and plant deepTake measures and be patient
ToFBirds share the same bush in winterAn inquiry about the other's skill with the signs
MoFIs the apple tree ready to fall?Is it my turn to be harvested? [taken advantage of]
MoFSturgeon always sell highTell the buyer what he wants to hear
MoFA fish moving through weedsHave a care for what remains hidden
MoFMice in their nestWe are guarded

If you have any suggestions for other expressions in fingertalk, leave them in comments. If they're interesting or funny enough, we'll have another contest.

Word 2004 Mac help?

According to the Help file, and various online resources, in Word 2004 for Macintosh, using the Find and Replace dialog box with "Use wildcards" turned on, I should be able to search on ^13 to find return characters. (These would normally be ^p, but wildcards doesn't recognize that code.)

However, while ^12 finds section breaks as documented, searching on ^13 gives me an error which reads:

"The Find What text contains a Pattern Match expression which is not valid."

Unless I am being deeply stupid, this is clearly not consistent with the Help file or available online documentation. Searching Google for "^13" is useless. Does anyone have specific knowledge of this error and how to work around it?

Madness of Flowers in the can, progris report

Ok, Madness of Flowers is in the can and off for editorial and beta read (in parallel). Profound thanks to alpha readers khaybee, danjite and tillyjane.

This means I have (informally) turned in all contracted novels. Both Madness and Stemwinder will come back with editorial change notes, but the hard work's done. I owe an article and half a dozen short stories, then will grant myself a bit of down time, then be off into Black Tulip around the second half of April.

FWIW, I can see more books in both series -- Reign of Flowers and Tourbillon, respectively. I'm not going to do anything with either of them unless the numbers and publisher interest on the first two books in each series justify their respective Book 3s.

Barring an irruption of new contracted work, after Black Tulip will come the as-yet-untitled Portland wizards novel (from "Number of the Bus", "A Different Way Into the Life" and "Green Grass Blues.") Also, someone whose opinion I highly respect recently suggested turning "Crossing the Seven" into a novel. (That appeared in Logorrhea, ed. John Klima, Powell's | Amazon ] from Bantam.) I'm mulling that.

In other news, contrib copies of the Strahan-edited YBSF Powell's | Amazon ] showed up today from Night Shade Books, as did Text: UR, edited by experimeditor Powell's | Amazon ] from Raw Dog Screaming Press.