March 31st, 2007


100 million missing women

A fascinating article on Salon Slate about using economic theory to analyze the problem of 100 million missing women in Asia.

1) I didn't know 100 million women were missing. (Whatever the true cause, this number is the result of a statistical analysis, not an aggregation of missing persons reports.)
2) Both the initial approach and the revised solution are fascinating.
3) If there's not a story or three in this, I'm a macacque.

Stories sold

Short stories "The Leopard's Paw" and "The Fly and Die Club" to Subterranean.

Bill informs me that "The Leopard's Paw" will go up in the April issue posting Monday, which is apparently the fastest turn time ever from sub-to-pub for him.

First quarter damage

Well, the first quarter of the year has brought me nine original fiction sales, three short story reprints (two them of YB), a Czech rights sale on a short story, a Czech rights sale on Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]. Also finalized drafts with preliminary turn-ins on Stemwinder and Madness of Flowers, seven new short stories written, three articles written, and um, whatever else I did.

The weird part is, I still feel lazy. Those "Does not live up to his potential" notes on my straight-A report cards as a kid must be graven on my bones.


I have dozens, possibly about 100, miniatures from Space 1889 and Full Thrust. Most are NIB, and only a few have been painted. Anyone in the PDX area want to make me a reasonable offer? I'm not really prepared to pack and ship right now, but I could haul them to Norwescon next weekend.

333mHz iMac

I have a working 333mHz iMac (one of the old "blueberry" style), I think it's a G3, which is about to go to Goodwill. It's running OS9, and I never could get it to load OSX, though it has a huge amount of memory in it.

If anyone in PDX wants to claim it as a server or a kid's workstation or something, drop me a note in comments. Otherwise it's out of here later today. If you do want it, please be able to pick it up this weekend.

Surplus Miller beer sgn and a traffic light

I have a neon Miller beer sign that works, at least the last time I plugged it in. Also a traffic light (a real one) which has been rewired for household use with a random flasher. These are both too big and too delicate to be worth shipping, so if anyone in PDX wants 'em, let me know. Otherwise they're going to Goodwill tomorrow.


If I had a social life, I'd be out pursuing it. Instead I'm home with aching ribs (!), having accomplished a significant amount today. I'm watching a documentary called The Cheese Nun NYT ], thanks to tillyjane and AH.

Ran over to Powell's for a break this afternoon to sell off some books, discovered a couple of things I'd either forgotten or never known. One, I have a Heinlein first edition. I brought that home again. The buyer also declined a hardback anthology, pointing out that the cheapest he could find it online was $80 unsigned, and mine had been signed by the editor. So I brought that home again as well.

Meanwhile the peculiar bric-a-brac continues to pile up for repurposing or disposal. A lot of stuff went to Goodwill today, some more will go tomorrow. Mostly tomorrow is about tax and healthcare FSA paperwork, which is now all in one place thanks to today's efforts.

Also, I made a decision to hang on to pretty much all the board games, in case the_child wants to be a gamer when she gets older. I have a lot of German imports and whatnot, and they'd be wicked expensive to replace.

More later.