April 5th, 2007


chriswjohnson is at it again

Or to be accurate, still at it. He has another Bamberger Ranch post, this one about the secret lives of trees and stone. I can't decide whether the photo or the accompanying text is more beautiful. Money shot:

There's a story being told here, but I still don't know the language well enough to read more than fragments of it. On one side of the creek, ashe juniper dominates, on the other, oak. The oaks are growing out of a loose stone aggregate on top of finely layered limestone. The oaks are not remarkably old - forty years? - yet the stone in which they sprouted seems to have retreated, exposing half of their roots. Or has it?

Off, to say the least

I'm off to Norwescon around midday today. See some, all or none of you there. Wit and erudition on this blog will be intermittent as a result of me having three and half days of Con brain.

I get home late Sunday afternoon, then promptly hit the skies for Omaha Monday morning. I don't expect to be back on deck in the usual manner until Saturday the 14th. Continued chance of lightly scattered wit and erudition, with intermittent whingeing about the state of the American travel infrastructure.

Y'all play nice while I'm gone. I'll be here when I can.

Prime Codex

Galleys of Prime Codex showed up today, from Paper Golem Press, for potential blurbage. That makes, um, at least three things I need to read Real Soon for that purpose. I may have to adopt a blurbs-per-year limit, as some pros I know have done. I'm pretty sure this one's going to be a pleasure, though. I know all but two or three of folks in the toc, and most of them are here on LJ. I've read some of the stories before, in their original appearances.

And the cover, judging from the comp with the galleys, is awesome.

ETA: Apparently, my big box 'o commas showed up today too. At least that's how it seems on rereading the above. Oh, well.