April 18th, 2007


JayCon VII

JayCon VII will be Saturday, June 23rd, from 2 to 6 pm (and continuing from there) at Flying Pie Pizzeria in SE Portland.

Flying Pie Pizzeria
7804 SE Stark Street
Portland, 97215
(503) 254-2016
[ Google Maps ]

This is also known as my 7th annual 37th Birthday Party. Here's a report from last year's JayCon, if you want to know what to expect.

I think I'll do badges this year, and maybe a program book. Feel free to post suggestions for JayCon panels.

Also, at his own request, Paul Carpentier is specifically not invited. (I think he wants to crash it.) Everyone else is welcome. We'll have guests from Thailand, Nebraska, California, Washington and Oregon, at least.

A notice from the management

The management would like to apologize for the recent outbreak of blogospheric hypergraphia. The reading public is assured that Mr. Lake will shortly be working on Stemwinder rewrites, and posts to this blog will return to a manageable level. Those responsible have been duly penalized.

Mainspring ARC contest redux

I'm mailing out some more Mainspring ARCs, and I'm down to the bits and buttons here. I think I'll hold one more ARC for a giveaway.

As usual, this is a two-stage process. In comments on this post, leave your best one sentence definition of clockpunk. Points for style, absurdity or sheer, wall-eyed surrealism.

In a few days, we'll have a voting poll based on the responses.