April 19th, 2007


Bits and pieces...

At lunch I dropped by QFC. They were selling "personal watermelons." Much better than those nasty old impersonal ones, I'm sure.

Other things to ponder:

Predictions for the year 2000, from 1900 (Thanks to elfs)

A piston-powered watch with a transmission. Sort of.

Phone sex from the inside. Not worksafe. (Thanks to the_flea_king)

Really ugly Pop-eye. (Thanks again to the_flea_king)

Finally, I was listening to the Gonzales hearings while out at lunch. I think he was only lying when his lips were moving. I am increasingly convinced history will judge this era very harshly.

Deep thoughts, somewhere else, random thoughts here and now

I was out socially this evening, and had a very nice time. Driving home in the gorgeous weather, I had some very cogent thought about looking to the future vs. looking the past, and the success of retro culture icons -- think the New Beetle or the Mini, for example, or all those film remakes of classic tv shows. I came up with this really great point about abandoning the future, which I have promptly forgotten because I'm so tired.

Feel free to fill in the blank.

Also, which foreign accent do you find sexiest? Australian? Irish? Slavic?