April 21st, 2007


"Seven hundred years is a long time to be without a king, isn't it?"

At the recommendation of francitabozita's kids, I've been previewing some Miyazaki imdb ] movies to see if they're suitable for the_child, who's been asking to watch anime. Today I watched Princess Mononoke imdb ], My Neighbor Totoro imdb ], and Castle in the Sky imdb ].

I'm thoroughly charmed, and have enjoyed the movies. I think Princess Mononoke might be a bit rough for her intro to anime, but the other two work well. There's also an encouraging lack of groinal tentacles or free range mammaries, though I'm told this one advantage of watching Miyazaki.

Anime, a simplified viewer's guide:

Princess Mononoke: Think twice before you decapitate a god. (Admittedly an important safety tip.)
My Neighbor Totoro: Large furry creatures with huge teeth are your friends. (Somewhat countersurvival, that.)
Castle in the Sky: Always listen to your mother, especially if she's a pirate. (And who doesn't?)

Anime recommendations?


Off to the airport shortly to pick up the_child and her mother from their funeral trip back east. Tomorrow is tillyjane's birthday (she's my mom, for the benefit of newer readers), so we'll be celebrating. I owe specficrider some work very shortly, as well as a couple of other shorts, then it's back to Stemwinder pretty much any day after that.

On the home front (heh) we're close to a contract on Rancho Lake, which if it stands, means we'll be moving in mid-June. After buying a property we haven't yet begun searching for. Somewhere between my trips to Rio Hondo, Nebraska and WesterCon. Not to mention JayCon.

Busy? Me?

No, why do you ask?