April 23rd, 2007


Publishing bits

Senses Five Press at squirrelmonkey have announced Paper Cities. This is an anthology of fantastic urban fiction, with contributions from Steve Berman, Barth Anderson, Cat Sparks, Kaaron Warren, Forrest Aguirre, Catherynne Valente, Stephanie Campisi, Hal Duncan, Anna Tambour, Mark Teppo, Darin Bradley, Greg Van Eekhout and more. My own story is "Promises", and it concerns Biggest Sister and the Tribade, those criminal masterminds of the City Imperishable.

In other news, Paul Jessup has announced the second GrendelSong release party, with a GrendelCast from catvalente reading her poetry.

Weekend reacharound

In case you were off f-list lately, here's a few items of potential interest from this blog.

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Plus, don't forget to enter the last Mainspring ARC contest, with your one-sentence definition of clockpunk!

NPR, we hardly knew ye

Listening to the news as I do dayjob work this morning, I head NPR interviewing a stylist about the movement to ban incandescent bulbs. He said, "fluorescent lighting is a fashion disaster waiting to happen."

Wow. I consider myself to have a pretty broad sense of humor, but...wow...

Your liberal media at work, I guess.

The War in Iraq

Senator Reid is talking about the war in Iraq being lost. I'm not sure that's narrowly accurate, since there was never any clear definition of what would constitute winning that war. But at the same time, he has an important political point.

I've never said this so many words, so I'll say it now.

We lost the war.

Now let's deal with the reality of what's happening on the ground, instead of living inside neocon fantasy.

(And if you agree with me on this, may I suggest a spot of political memage. Post "We lost the war" on your blog or journal or Web site.)