May 2nd, 2007


[personal] Miscellaneous updatery

It's Wednesday. My email is back to normal, yay! I don't seem to have sustained any major losses there, but it was quite annoying.

Went to the coffee house for a while yesterday with karindira, but an impromptu dinner had arisen with lasirenadolce as she was passing through town, so I skipped out just as maryrobinette, along with Mr. maryrobinette, showed up, and I missed davidlevine and kateyule altogether. Such is life.

My travel plans for next week (to San Francisco for a long weekend before I head off to Omaha) are being shuffled by the day job, it seems. I'll still be in SFO when I said I was going to be there, but my manner of arrival may be changing. We'll see. It's going to make the trip longer with more stops. Me? Live on airplanes?

Tonight is scalzi's Portland appearance. I'll be there, to see how a real pro does it. I think I'll bring the Campbell tiara, in case he wants to display the regalia. maryrobinette has threatened us with the Heathman Bar afterward, which will be a new experience for me.

Y'all play nice today.

[links] Link salad, Wednesday sunrise edition

Fossilized rain forest &mdash At the bottom of an Illinois coal mine. Fascinating because it actually records the structure of the forest, the botanic equivalent of a behavioral fossil. (Thanks be to Bob.)

Soviet supercars — Well, because.

3D flight tracking — Cool and a bit weird. (Thanks be to lillypond.)

Sleep labs of the Soviets — (Thanks be to the_flea_king.)

Giant robots to fight our battles — From Paleo-Future, the real reason behind the giant Michael Jackson robot. Plus intensely cool art.

The Northwest Journal of Linguistics — This one's mostly for deedop, I think, but if anyone else is interested in Native American languages of the Pacific Northwest, here you go.

Ending a preposition with a sentence is something up with which I will not put. Up with. — The argument about prepositions is far older than you might think. With 16th century citations. Are you listening, matociquala?

[links] Link salad, Wednesday nooner

The Intarwebs have been a generous set of tubes this morning...

Jed Hartman asks about gender identity — The comments thread is very interesting.

Me being a smart-ass about grammarIt's all that Latinate grammar that was crammed into prescriptive writings on the English language to make it look respectable, back in the late 16th century. You can't split an infinitive in Latin, so we're not supposed to. Likewise the preposition rule. Linguistic terrorism, nothing more, perpetrated by four centuries of English teachers on pretty much the same principle as fraternity hazing.

Changing the definition of death...the cellular surveillance mechanism cannot tell the difference between a cancer cell and a cell being reperfused with oxygen. Something throws the switch that makes the cell die.

A map of online communities — (Thanks to sunilsebastian.)

The American Family Association's official list of sexual orientations (a/k/a perversions) — Nice to see the Christian right is looking out for the rest of us. I'm going to have to get busy. There's some catching up to do. This link is Not Work Safe, Not Child Safe

Communist leader's bones stolen

Music encoded in Roslyn chapel carving — Fascinating, but I'm highly dubious of this one.

Home-based banking — Who knew from warehouse banking? Note the shout out to my part of Oregon, too.

The very best use of your Hummer

The world's greatest personal ad

[personal | writing] scalzi in Portland

Went to scalzi's reading and signing at the Powell's in Beaverton tonight. Lots of the usual suspects there, including maryrobinette, davidlevine, kateyule, djonn, and a bunch of other folks, some of whose LJ handles I should remember but don't. Also a full house of scalzi fans. He read the first chapter of The High Castle, which was freaky funny, and gave an excellent serial monolog. He also wore the Campbell tiara (briefly). We're off to McMenamin's now for dinner.

A lovely evening, and well worth it.