May 7th, 2007


[links] Link Salad

"Hillary equals France" — Fascinating and funny comments on the perpetual Republican hatefest about France.

Airships of the United States: — skidspoppe is my new best friend for this one.

Pigeoncam!!! — Why we love the Internet. With fez.

Global Incident Map — Terrorism events worldwide.

Gun control in Singapore — On jlundberg's blog, so be nice: come back here if you want to joust over this one. Also, see danjite's response in comments over there.

This August I will be the guest moderator on the ASiF forums — My thanks to girliejones for the opportunity.

A review of Stealing Lincoln's Body Powells | Amazon ] — As danjite says, it reads like a treatment for one of my stories. "The Last Familiar Thing", perhaps.

George Barris supervan for sale — :: wants ::

(Thanks to danjite for many of these.)

[links] Weekend reacharound

In case you were away from f-list for the weekend, like a normal person, here's some posts from me of potential interest.

In which I discover Firefly.

A possibly helpful rant on fiction contracts.

J-Con reminder. (It is also known as JayCon VII, but with the addition of jackwilliambell's birthday festivities, we've expanded the remit.)

The River Knows Its Own now available for pre-order.

Answers to the questions thread. Feel free to post more questions.

[writing] Worst first lines

I think the worst first line I ever wrote was for an unpublished story called "Spooge" "Fat Man's Ransom" ("Spooge" was another story about the same character), about Morty Ballou, the fattest man in space.

"Sic Transit, Gloria Mundi speaking. How may I help you?"

Ok, it's two lines, but you get the idea. What's your worst first line, either as a writer or as a reader? (If these are good, we may go for another contest, this time for a first edition of the Mainspring release.)