May 10th, 2007


[links] Link Salad, Thursday sunrise edition

The legend of Hogzilla — Redneck zoology at its best.

The art of Tessa Farmer — Lady Cottingwood meets Insect Lab.

The Mechanical Man of the Future, ca. 1928 — "The mechanical man, brazen-lunged creature of dreadful portent is among us!"

An essay on page 13 of Sandman #19

The latest police blotter from the Arcata Eye — "Tuesday, April 9 7:35 a.m. Someone enjoyed a heady bout of windshield wiper tampering at the Post Office." (I find this column incredibly funny.)

[personal|travel] Poised to leap into the widening sky

At the airport now, waiting to fly to SFO. I continue to be amazed that anyone with a plane ticket can be surprised by the requirement to show ID -- that's been going on all my life, not just post-911 -- yet the woman two places in line before me at security was quite taken aback and had to dig long and deep in her purse.

In other news, we have placed a contingent offer on a duplex in Milwaukie, OR, just south of the Portland city line. Not sure yet how that will play out, but news as it happens. Firm news, at least.

Here in LJ land, david_de_beer has me in some good company. Also, I am now writing two introductions, one due shortly for Bruce Taylor's Edward, and the other for an Archonate book by Matt Hughes. I've only done this once or twice before, outside work I've edited, and I think it's a real honor to be asked.

Intermittent wit and erudition this next week, with lightly scattered irony and brief gusts of whingeing. You know the drill.

You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

[travel] Welcome to San Francisco, here's your tie dye

In San Francisco, staying at my friend E's house. I'll be speaking at her class at CCSF tomorrow. The trip down was smooth, except for me leaving my sunglasses at the rental car counter. Well, that and the dead slow pace of pretty much everything at SFO, but I wasn't in a hurry. The Hertz Random Upgrade Program has blessed me with a spanking new Camry in cranberry red.

I noticed something odd in the airport bookstore back at PDX. They had a promotion, bring back your book after you'd read it for half the cover price refunded. This made me wonder if there was a strip-and-ship scam somewhere in the works, then I finally decided it was advertising expense -- anyone who bought a book once would presumably buy another, and I suspect the actual redemption rate is quite low, given that the promotion requires the original sales receipt.

E and I spent some time this evening discussing the recent gender and race bias questions which have been floating around the blogosphere. (She's an English professor and pays attention to this sort of thing.) E says the numbers I was rattling off about non-white participation in professional SF weren't too different in literature as a whole, and even in faculty representation in English departments. We talked about some of the underlying issues, and where some efforts at fixes might lie. More from me on this later when I follow up on this topic again.

I also meant to mention something sort of funny which happened while I was proofing the typeset pages of "The Man With One Bright Eye" for the upcoming DAW antho Fate Fantastic, ed. Marty Greenberg and Dan Hoyt Amazon ]. The story gave me shivers, and I'm the one who wrote it. Sometimes I get to fall in love with my own work all over again.

That's really one of the coolest feelings.

More tomorrow.