May 12th, 2007


[links] Link salad, lite snack edition

Workers rescued from giant vat of fish feces — Proof that getting your name in the papers is not always a good thing.

The Straight Dope on the Equivalence Principle — In which I learned some very interesting things about GPS which I never knew. Useful writer info for future stories.

1977 Ronart — This would make a fabulous Genre car.

1957 Fuldamobile S7 — Perfect for the_child when she gets her drivers' license, I'm thinking.

Cooking with Feminists — Stephen Colbert interviews Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem while baking an apple pie.

[personal] Hitting the road, Bay Area edition

Rumbling off for my day. Lunch with zhaneel69, East Bay bookstores, walking and photography around the Golden Gate, dinner with anyone who turns up at Crissy Field, then tonight's party at the House of Spike in Fremont.

My Internet connection right now is via EVDO and is a tad Rube Goldberg, so I probably won't be online again today. As a result, I am completely off flist right now. So if you've made or read any posts I really should see, drop me a note in comments here.

See some, all, or none of you this weekend.