May 15th, 2007


[reviews] Mainspring reviewed in Booklist

I have been very kindly tipped to an apparently starred review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ] in Booklist. Money shot:

Lake's steampunk-esque alternative nineteenth century is an astonishing, marvelous place, and the quest for the world's mainspring is a fascinating fable of a young man's sudden, unexpected education out in and about the great world.

[photos] The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

For my money, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is one of the weirdest, most beautiful buildings in the world. Here's some photos to prove my point. These were taken by me using the_child's Canon PowerShot SD550, which isn't a very good camera for wide-angle or distance work, so they don't have the quality the building would sustain with the right equipment.

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