June 1st, 2007


[personal] What is this time you speak of?

ETA: Tried to post this last night, but the DDoS attack has kept me pretty much locked out of LJ

Not a lot of wit and erudition today. Work ran long and hard. House buying fu was mighty. Cat food ran out, it was cat litter day, I had to go borrow a truck (a lot of cat litter to be disposed of), dinner with mom and dad, the_child, Mother of the Child, lillypond, the Niece, and Father of the Niece, followed by errands.

Packing? Me? Hahahahahah.

Tomorrow is another day, and I really want to write about Moses Coulee.

Also, odd synchronicity note. Dad and I are on the same connecting flight out of here Saturday morning. We were trying to figure out if that was weird, or if it was weird that it had never happened before.

[personal] Scuttle, scuttle, toil and tuttle

Another crazed workday. Wrapping up now. More moving fu as needed. I managed to get some packing done on my lunch hour, and plan to do some more shortly. Later I'm going to a writer gathering hosted by the mighty kenscholes, where a plethora of LJers and civilians alike will likely be present.

Off to New Mexico at the crack of crack tomorrow, where bram452 will be collecting me at the airport before forwarding us both onward to the wilds of Rio Hondo. Presumably I'll have some connectivity tomorrow, but after that I'm off the grid for a week.

Also, if you haven't already done so, don't forget to mark your calendars for JayCon VII/J-Con I. That's the afternoon of June 23rd. Hilarity will ensue.