June 9th, 2007


[photos|travel] All good things must come to an end

Rio Hondo is wrapping up. I'm stealing a bit of bandwidth to let y'all know I'll be back in the world tonight or tomorrow morning. In the meantime, Collapse )

Lots more photos to come, as well as other stuff including catchup posts from the Montana trip. Also, since I've been off the grid for a week, please leave a note here in comments if there's something I should see in LJ land, given that I won't even try to catch up on flist as a whole.

[food] Momos, Rio Hondo

One of the great pleasures of Rio Hondo is the food. We had gnocchi, gumbo roux, and tongue on various nights, with treats ranging from bread pudding to cheese pate to ginger chocolate chip cookies. Friday night I cooked momos.

While I posted about those here before, this time I went full tilt boogie with the updated recipe which first was brainstormed in a conversation with lisamantchev. bram452 helped me make these, as did several other Rio Hondans. The update was the boil-and-bake method, which was refined with help from Maureen McHugh, and voted by the table to be quite worthy. Collapse )

Even if you've seen this recipe from me before, if you want to cook them you should make a note of this version, as there are minor changes elsewhere in the recipe other than the cooking method.