June 12th, 2007


[books] Happy Mainspring Day

Well, today is Mainspring Day. Powell's | Amazon ] (It's also my parents' anniversary, so marital felicitations to them as well.)

In case you haven't seen it yet, Locus magazine has a very nice review of the book, as noted here. (That's a ToC teaser only, not a link to the review.) If you happen to see Mainspring in the wild, feel free to post a picture in comments here.

I'm pretty stoked, me.

[writing] One thing and another

the_ogre with some recent comments on several of my books.

Also, looking at the various comments on Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ], I find it interesting that some people read the book as Christian allegory or apologia or some such. To me, the whole concept of an absent God is very much against the grain of Christian thought. I don't object to these interpretations — far from it — my conviction that the story belongs to the reader is very sincere. I just find them interesting and unexpected.

(For another treatment of the absent God trope by me, check out the short story "Jack's House".)

Finally, don't forget the latest caption contest. Some of the comments already there are crazy funny, so even if you don't want to enter, pop over and have a read.