June 17th, 2007


[travel|conventions] Sunday, Sunday, can't touch that day in the swimsuit area

Almost out of here. karindira is coming by in an hour or two to give me a ride home as she and Big T wend their way south. danjite and khaybee are off to the Olympics for some temperate rainforest R&R. lasirenadolce is going back to her digs. The Montana reunion draws to an end. (Though we'll all be in Portland next weekend for JayCon VII/J-Con I. Will you be?)

The Locus Awards and the SF Hall of Fame inductions were great. Saw many old friends, made some new ones, had a total fanboy moment with Gene Wolfe which left me babbling for a while — he knew who I was, OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! — as well as doing some bidness, enjoying some parties, and learning from Greg Bear the true (and somewhat unprintable) secret known only to long-term SFWA ascended masters. Have a lot to process, lot of email to do, some stories to write.

Tomorrow Mother of the Child and I sign the papers on Nuevo Rancho Lake. On a more banal note, I'm also going to the stylist tomorrow, so as to be right purty for JayCon. Sunday the 24th is a moving day, so if you're going to be around Portland and want free pizza and my benison, I could use the help.

Also don't forget the latest caption contest voting poll. Some mighty funny stuff there.

Y'all play nice while I'm on the road. If you're real lucky, I might do some car blogging.

[personal] Why I love my friends

As I was heading home with karindira in the aftermath of the Seattle weekend, I got a phone call. The conversation began with khaybee's statement "I was inspecting my banana", and wound up in a discussion of zombie economics with danjite.

In other news, if any of the Portlanders reading this can recommend a good cleaning service, I'll need someone (or someones) to come into Viejo Rancho Lake on the 28th or 29th of June, after it's been emptied out, and do the floors, bathrooms, etc. — a thorough cleaning as a courtesy to our buyer. Let me know if you have any ideas.