June 21st, 2007


[personal] Words of the_child

Yesterday, amid the mad rush of moving activity and other things, the_child was apparently fully engaged in a spirit of scientific inquiry. Our discussions included analyses of a number of questions, such as:

"Where do birds get their water?"

"Who invented language?"

"How do they know people and monkeys are related? Do they look at the bones?"

Thank Ghu I'm still smart enough to stay ahead of her, at least a little while longer.

[writing] pauljessup works live without a net

The erudite pauljessup is working on a daily online serial novel called Dust. It's a surrealistic, dark fantasy, about a girl searching for freedom in a graveyard town built on the ruins of war. He's doing a writing journal at the same time, making the whole process transparent. Given Paul's thoughtfulness about the art, business and craft of fantasy, this ought to be interesting.

Main website:

Read from the start:

Novel as it is written:


RSS Feed for syndication:

His website:

ETA: zarq has kindly added a feed at pauljessupdust.

[child] A bit more from the_child

In my earlier post, I forgot to mention the most interesting thing she said yesterday. Paraphrasing a bit to allow for memory defects on my part, as we drove down Milwaukie Avenue in the Genre car, the conversation went something like this:

the_child:Would the world be a better place if people went away?
jaylake:Well, for the plants and animals, sure. But not so much for us people.
the_child:But we're stupid. We hurt the plants and animals, we're not friends of the Earth, we pollute. If we went away, there would be flowers here.
jaylake:We could fix some of those things without going away.
the_child:Right. But people won't stop driving their cars. The world would be a better place if people used their bicycles more, or walked.
jaylake:We'd all be healthier, too.
the_child:You wouldn't be fat any more.

[personal] Holy crud, batman

What a freaking day. Work was fine up to a point (the first nine hours or so), the Comcast guys were fine up to a point, etc. etc. Then I slagged my home network (not connected to the lengthy Comcast install -- they're at Nuevo Rancho Lake, and my slagging was at Viejo Rancho Lake) and the wheels came off something at work that may literally have me up all night. Oh yeah, moved some stuff too.

I am Taking Tomorrow Off. And Saturday. I'm going to enjoy JayCon, damn it. Sunday, now that's a different barrel of fish entirely.