June 22nd, 2007


[culture] Laughing so hard I nearly wrecked my car

Now fueled by (count 'em) 3 hours' sleep, I'm back at work. However, there's this item from the news lede on yesterday evening's NPR broadcast which caused me to laugh so hard I nearly wrecked my car.

The Supreme Court apparently ruled in a recent high school athletic recruitment case that hard sell tactics could, among other things, "foster an environment in which athletics are prized more highly than academics."

More here, if you're done wiping the tears from your eyes.

[links] Here, linkie linkie linkie

Jeff VanderMeer discovers cheese!

The violet preferences of bees. Ah, evolution, that secularist fraud perpetrated by the entire universe.

Ceres and Vesta — the worlds of the Dawn probe.

Liquid mirror which could be used in a lunar-based telescope.

Also, pre-party for JayCon tonight at the Barley Mill here in Portland, and of course JayCon VII/J-Con I tomorrow.