June 27th, 2007


[house] Beep beep beep

Thanks to garyomaha and M., there's a clock in my kitchen which sets itself according to a radio signal from an atomic clock deep in a heavily guarded underground bunker somewhere. It also has an alarm which was defaulted to 6 am.

The good news is I was up.

The bad news is I had no idea what was beeping and why.

Ah, the joys of a new house.

Life is good but busy, I am off to the Bay Area tomorrow.

[travel|personal] For those playing along with the take home version of "Where's Jay?"

Ok, house stuff has progressed through another day. This evening I assembled my new desk, which is now sitting in my office looking very spiffy. And upside down. I need large friends to come over now, I guess, but they weren't on the parts list.

Very nearly first thing in the morning, I am heading for the airport courtesy of tillyjane and the Niece to catch a jet plane down to San Francisco, where I shall misspend a very long weekend among friends, at bookstores, and toastmastering Westercon. I shall see more of danjite, khaybee and lasirenadolce, coz, well, you can't get enough of a good thing.

Hopefully see more of some, all or none of you there. Y'all play nice.

[child] The perils of a new neighborhood

the_child went out exploring on her bike today. She took her mother's cell phone, and was admonished to call me as needed, and to give progress reports. This is a pretty suburban neighborhood, and the streets all look pretty similar, so she got turned around and became lost. She called me, very calm but a little nervous, and told me what street she was on. Since *I* don't know the neighborhood either, I pulled up Google Maps and talked her in to a safe landing.

Ah, technology.

And she handled it very well.