July 9th, 2007


[personal] Meanwhile, back at el Rancho

Well, after last week's mishaps, the cats have gone to a new, loving home. deedop and Chef Chopper have taken them in at Casa Deedop. They were cat-less after the passing of Audrey a while back, and it seems a good fit. They're also home consistently, which is not true of me, and which was definitely upsetting my little citizens. Thank you everyone for the suggestions — in fact, I did have the_child visiting them everyday in my absence, it just wasn't enough for what they needed. Casa deedop is only about 5 minutes' drive from Rancho Lake, and very close to lillypond's new joint, so I'll see them and they'll see me.

In other news, Mother of the Child gifted me with the framing of an old oil painting tillyjane had done of me and my granddaddy Lake when I was about three years old. It shows a shambling old man, from the back, holding hands with a blonde child in Dennis the Menace red, tugging to be away in the manner of rambunctious children everywhere. It's very sweet, and from a part of my life of which I have very little recollection.

[writing] Escapementing into this and that

I've gotten a few short stories knocked out during the madness of the past two months, and even sold a couple. I'll catch up on announcements soon. My main project for July is fulfilling the rewrite request on Escapement (née Stemwinder), the sequel to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ], which will be on the shelves in June, 2008. Watch for updates, commentary and grumbles in that department.

[tech] So many of you must be smarter than me

Is there a way to construct a wildcard search in Microsoft Word to find identical words within xx characters of each other? For example, if I have the sentence, "The house was as big as a house!", I'd like to be able to flag that.

I can see a lot of problems with the algorithm -- substrings, plurals, punctuation, different variations on a common stem (houses vs housing, frex) -- but I'm curious if it can be done at all.

[personal|writing] Toooooooooast

I was down on Hawthorne with the_child and lasirenadolce, buying cheese for an impromptu dinner at the home of tillyjane with various folks from that side of the family. After a chat with the cashier about my books (prompted by my Radcon 4 t-shirt), we popped out to the sidewalk to be greeted with a hearty, "Toooooast."

It was one of the Westercon attendees, walking along with some used books for resale at Powell's on Hawthorne. He stopped and told me how much he'd liked Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]. We talked about Escapement and Madness of Flowers.

As lasirenadolce said, if she hadn't been there she wouldn't have believed it.

Some days the external validation fairy just backs a dump truck over you.

In other news, I have rolled through chapter one of Escapement and editorial rewrite continues apace.