July 14th, 2007


[personal] Saturday, what a day, grooving all week with you

Took me 5 hours to drive from Portland to Seattle yesterday. That's a 2-1/2 hour drive in good conditions, normally 3+ with traffic. I was late for dinner with lasirenadolce, therinth, zellandyne and various Clarionettes Wests, but we made it to the Clarion West party on time, where I saw a ton of fun folks, including many LJers. Fun was had by all, or at least most.

Running home shortly to do some Day Job work and hang with the_child. I'm off to Omaha next Thusday on a late-breaking business trip — so much for staying home in July. More as it develops.

[politics] Subpoena power

We've lately seen the Bush White House refuse subpoenas for information and decline to allow even former employees to testify before Congress under a claim of executive privilege. This week, the White House refused to provide Congress with documents pertaining to the cover up around Pat Tillman's death.

As a thought experiment, consider how Clinton was treated when he was under continuous investigation — by Republican Congress, by the conservative commentariat, by the press in general. Where is the anguished outrage now? Where are the solemn declarations about the rule of law, and how much character counts?

Confidential to GOP in Washington: Principles are lovely when they're a stick to beat the other guy with.

[personal] In which I am beset by the vicissitudes of life, or at least Dr Pepper

For some reason, at last nights' Clarion West party for Kelly Eskridge, I decided it would be a fun idea to drop myself fully clothed into the pool. This was great good fun, and I got to disport with drunken mermaids and generally be a figure of genial mockery.

Fast forward to this morning in the hotel room, where my cargo shorts were still quite wet. I patiently sat with a hair dryer and blow dried my pants for a while, til I got restless and bored and put them on. They were alarmingly clammy, so I stuck the blow dryer in my waistband. That rapidly presented some obvious disadvantages, so I just went with the wet look.

Having gone to a great deal of trouble to dry myself, I betook me to the Genre car and hit the highway for Federal Way, following lasirenadolce to the Norwescon Volunteer Picnic, where I put in a brief appearance before heading home to rendezvous with the_child. I opened a Dr Pepper, which immediately exploded all over my steering wheel, gear shift, driver's seat and cargo shorts.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I spent the next half hour marinating my wedding tackle in Dr Pepper.

Upon arrival in Federal Way, new clothing was secured at Target on an emergency basis, and my day went on from there. I cannot fail to note the bizarre irony of the sequence of events, however, and the universe's apparent desire that I be blessed with wet pants today.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating another caption contest, of the photo me in the shower with my clothes on.

That is all. You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

[writing] Another one down

Chapter four of Escapement has been worked through. I'm be going through casacorona's line edits, then with the book in my head again I'll go back to the structural stuff, while also looking at some of my first/second reader remarks. This will take the rest of the month, and maybe a bit more.

Also got the next IROSF article (with specficrider, she was primary author this month) turned in last night, and helped a few people with stuff today.

Taking the_child on a midday playdate tomorrow. Otherwise I plan to get a fair amount of writing done.