July 16th, 2007


[culture|religion] Children

Out in the Genre car today, BBC's World Have Your Say was on, talking about a book that covers the downside of parenting. There was a woman on from (I believe) the American Family Association, who was righteously indignant about the "fact" that the excuses women give for not having were just selfish. Apparently, it's in the AFA worldview that if you can have children, you should.

Now, righteous indignation is what the AFA is all about. It's one of the benefits of being a certain kind of conservative -- that warm feeling you're correct and everyone else will burn in a merry hell. But this strikes me as just nuts. I don't understand why it's even theologically defensible, let alone culturally defensible.

Since when are people obligated to have children? By any rational or even reasonable measure?

[personal|child] Another day in paradise

Spent much of the (non-work) day with the_child, and with my family (dad, (step)mom and sister). That was fun. the_child gave me some really neat drawings she'd done. We had a little talk about copyright and permission to reproduce, but then my scanner was boogering out bad, so nothing yet.

Also tonight she demonstrated something I'd never seen or heard of — a three-handed cartwheel. Essentially she goes up on one hand, then the other, then rotates 180 degrees on that hand, onto the first hand again, then back on her feet, all in one smooth motion. I asked her who'd taught her that, and she said she'd figured it out herself.

In other news, another chapter down on Escapement.