July 24th, 2007


[process] The ice is shifting

I seem to be moving into a slower, more deliberative writing process. This is very strange for me, because I've built the past seven years of my career on being very, very fast. I've come to rely on my writing speed to carry me through deadlines and tap the vein of my voice.

Now I need to be better than I have been. Working on it...slowly. Which is a damned sight harder than working on it quickly.

I'll let you know how it goes.

[links] Tuesday link salad, with mustard!

What Would Newton Do? — Deconstruction of some Christian silliness about Isaac Newton being a Young Earth Creationist.

Chinese Tuck Into Texas Turtles — First Mars needs women. Now this?

The Programmable Robot of Ancient Greece

The robot programmer of Ancient Greece

The robot programmer of the Golden Age of Islam

The Monkey's Paw — A fable of extropianism.

Tank limousine for hire

(With a nod to danjite, chriswjohnson and some of the other usual suspects.)