July 30th, 2007


[links|personal] Heading out the door soon edition

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

davidlevine with a delightful post on the mechanics of universe of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]Though I do hope he posts some of the actual math. Duh, he did. I plead early and busy.

SF Signal gives David a shoutout for that post.

Another reader response from the wider world.

Wyrm Publishing announces the Clarkesworld anthology — In which I am featured along with many other fine writers.

hal_obrien with another, more pessimistic and detailed take on the political issue I posted about last night — To which I add passim that it's traditional for liberals to feel abused during conservative administrations and vice versa, but the polling numbers these days indicate a lot of conservatives are starting to feel abused by this administration. What does that mean?

And in case you think this post is all about me, or politics, I stayed up too late finishing a Certain Book Last night. No spoilers here, but I was impressed with the ending. (I do sort of wish I hadn't read the epilogue, though.) Good on her.

And now I'm off to get ready to be off to the office, officially speaking.

[personal] Home, finally, for some reduced value of /home/

If you're wondering what all the fuss at my day job has been about, we are being acquired by a much larger company. This was announced to the investment community and the general public at 7 am Central this morning, and much of my chaos of the last few weeks has been in developing, finalizing and implementing the internal and external communication plan.

This is largely a good thing for both my employer and myself, but it has eaten brain and life alike. The primary issue has been that we were in an SEC-mandated silent period (the acquiring company is publically traded) and I could not delegate any tasks within my own organization because of the need-to-know restrictions, which are now lifted.

Home now from a celebratory reception and subsequent dinner. Some early bird stuff tomorrow, then I'm supposed to be back on my regular work pattern. Omaha Beach Party tomorrow night. Home Thursday. Tired now.