August 6th, 2007


[links] Linkie linkie linkie, why you kill my linkie?

Office laser printers are a health risk — Damn! Knew I should have bought an inkjet. (Thanks to yourbob.)

SF Signal reviews "The Big Ice" by specficrider and me, as part of their review of YBSF 24

Pharyngula quotes a Creationist's description of him — Some people need to get out more.

DEFCON 2007 totally pwns an NBC "undercover" reporter

Evel Knievel talks about getting old

Things not to look at while at work

Storm trooper stripper — Mmm...not at all work safe, but quite funny little Star Wars fetish video.

A woman and her lookalike sex doll — Fascinating, and decidedly not worksafe.

A Gentlemen's Duel — Short film courtesy of safewrite. Play it with your headphones on, and watch through the end of the credits.

Weekend reacharound

The Great Circle tour of Mt. Hood National Forest

Copyright follies

A link salad I liked a lot

(And thanks also to danjite for several of the above.)

[links] Writing, Religion, Levitation and Nekkid People Edition

larbalestier points to this rather astonishing go-round over the financial aspects of writing, between Victoria Strauss and an aspiring writer, as documented on the Writer Beware blog.

Reversing the Casimir force — Does this mean we'll have practical levitation soon?

Naked before God — The long, strange trip of Christian nudists.

The Omphalos hypothesis — I have always wondered how Young Earth Creationists explain their God's need to lie to His creation in every detail of the physical universe. I guess that makes me a Last Thursdayist.

[personal] Taxes

Having written a 3,700 word short story today, I proceed to work on my taxes, where I am terribly desolated to find that I am unable to claim Oregon's Fish Screening Devices credit. Sadly, I did not have the foresight to install any of those in the plumbing of Rancho Lake.