August 11th, 2007


[writing] Stories sold

I've made two anthology sales today. I'll post details once I've cleared permission.

Also, I note passim that someone said elsewhere on LJ that my short fiction production had dropped off since I became a novelist. For what it's worth, these are sales #16 and #17 for the year, not counting reprints and nonfiction. That's less than my peak, to be sure, but it's hardly slacking...

[conventions] Armadillocon, Day Two, part 1

Had an excellent Mexican breakfast at Cisco's with davidlevine and kateyule. We then drove by my old house here, where I pointed out the house from the Porn Fire Story some of you have heard me tell.

Spent a bunch of time talking to Jess Nevins about the economics and sociology of 19th century railroad expansion. He also explained to me about railroad pulps, a now-forgotten genre of publishing. Lunch with Jess, Chris Roberson and a few other folks. I did a signing this afternoon with Howard Waldrop and Lawrence Person, and of course my Howard interview is coming up tonight.

Some of us bandied about the possibility of doing an anthology of mobile home stories. I need to haul out my old Bubba Yaga story, about the witch who lives in a single-wide that runs around Texas on chicken feet.

I love conventions.

[conventions] Armadillocon, Day Two, part 2

Hello LJ. The day has been fine. Had dinner at Papacito's (mmm), did the Howard Waldrop interview, which will be posted in a day or two as a podcast. I'll update a link when that's available, and if I can figure some way to get a transcription, so much the better. It was a lot of fun, and rather funny.

Spent the evening at parties and shooting pool in the bar with Ellen Klages. I beat her 4-0. Funny, the more she drank, the better I got.

Best line of the night, overheard in the hallway: "I could be the anti-Christ if I wasn't so damned lazy."

I have the liars' panel in the morning. That will big fun. Night night, now.