August 13th, 2007


[travel|politics|personal] Little bit of this, little bit of that

At the Austin airport, waiting for my flight to DFW, then home. The World Fantasy Award shortlist came out last night, and I have lots of friends to congratulate. Some very cool nominations on there.

In other news, Karl Rove is apparently resigning. I'll believe that long after I see that — for all my ranting about the GOP, he's one of the few figures in modern politics who I believe is self-consciously evil and deceitful, presumably through some sort of ends-justifies-the-means ethics. Rove, along with Atwater and Ailes, bears direct personal responsibility for the dissolution of reasonable discourse and public comity in the body politic, as a result of their decades-long strategy of radicalizing the conservative base to keep the votes coming in. That was short term electoral thinking with its origins in the panic of the post-Nixon era Republicans, which will reap a bitter harvest for at least the next generation.

As far as I'm concerned, he's as great a political villain as Roy Cohn or Nancy Reagan. It's far too much to hope he'll pay a fraction of the penalty for his misdeeds, but I'm petty enough to wish him ill.

Armadillocon was fun, but Old Home Week was a bit emotionally ambiguous for me. Still, I have a rewrite to finish, things to do. the_child and her mother come home tonight. I haven't see the kiddo for almost three weeks.

Also, an interesting reader reaction to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ], addressing the book in a spiritual analysis.

Elsewhere, deedop does some on-the-ground market research concerning the book.

And remember, if you're in Portland or surrounds, I have a reading/signing for Mainspring at the Beaverton Powell's this coming Tuesday at 7 pm. That would be tomorrow... Come on by!

[travel] Home again, with writing update

Here I am, home in Portland again. Finished line editing Escapement on the flight. Now need to tackle substantive issues with the book, but I'll have it in before the end of August. Also finished reading Paladin of Souls, and began His Majesty's Dragon. On getting home, I picked up the Genre car from the mechanic and popped by a matinee of Stardust. Comments on books and movies soon.

Tomorrow is the Mainspring reading at Powell's Beaverton, then I'm back on Escapement

[personal] Passion of the fleas

I have come home to a very healthy crop of fleas at Neuvo Rancho Lake. They were not here when I left, and there are no more animals in the house, so I can only presume that some older batch of eggs hatched out.

Cheeses price, what a pain in the rear this is.

[conventions] In which I am an idiot

I was just composing an email to a convention committee in relationship to discussions about a future headliner slot. (Don't get excited, it's just talk right now.) I wound up recapping my bio in terms of what is of interest to conrunners/SMOFs as they look to what will draw their fans and make an effective and interesting convention experience. That was an interesting recast of my qualifications.

I also found I've lost track of how many times I've been a GoH or Toastmaster, and where. Which is idiotic, to say the least.

You know, they never told me about this in Famous Writer School.