August 29th, 2007


[travel|personal] Leaving, on a jet plane...

Well, let's see. I drove from Ocean Park, WA to Portland, OR on Sunday. Flew to Denver first thing Monday. Flying back from Denver here in a couple of hours. Flying to Japan tomorrow. By the time this week ends, I may have spent more time in transit than at rest. At any rate, that's what it feels like.

Absent any wit or erudition of my own this morning, here's vanderworld on choosing an agent.

[personal] Laughing my younger self

For some reason, last night I started thinking about the names that lillypond (a/k/a my younger sister) and I gave our toys when we were kids. I'm talking about those little wooden Fisher-Price people, Matchbox cars, etc. Off the top of my head...

A pair of Fisher-Price dogs with black bodies, ugly faces and matching red and blue callers were named "Orifice" and "Edifice".

We had a dune buggy that used to visit them driven by two character named "Old Timer" and "Mortimer". (Pronounced as if they rhymed.)

Also the green Fisher-Price boy with the bully face was "Gan Greene."

And my parents wonder why I grew up to be a spec fic writer...