September 17th, 2007


[travel|personal] It is to update

At the airport in Portland, waiting for the plane. Uploading the photos from California with an eye to a travelog, see the Flickr set here (once they're uploaded, I mean, not quite yet). Have to crank on a novella Real Soon Now. Groovy photo of me here.

frankwu announces that Exquisite Corpuscle has finally found a home at Fairwood Press. tbclone47 with his perspective on the news.

I will be closing the LOLJay contest voting poll tonight. Hurry over and stuff the ballot for your favorite contender.

I'll be working in Omaha this week, so expect limited wit and erudition.

[process] Story licensing neepery

This is something of a request-for-comment.

I now have a handful of recordings of me reading, in mp3 format. Over the next couple of months these will be podcast, at least those stories which have already been published. My current thinking is to also post the story text on this blog. That will be a second rights usage, which aren't generally exclusive anyway. While this may cause some impairment to my ability to sell reprint rights into certain markets, I have such a huge backlist of previously published stories that I'm just not too worried about it.

I am wondering a bit if posting the readings here will impair any future efforts to sell audio rights.

My second thought is whether to release both the text and the audio under a Creative Commons license. Again, I'm talking about stories where first rights have already been sold, and which are no longer under an exclusionary period. I am leaning toward CC licensing, but am curious as to people's opinions about the ins and outs of this option.

[poll] LOLJay Contest Results

And the results are in for the LOLJay Contest.

With 75 votes cast, thexmedix took first place at 18 with Collapse )

hoosier_red came in a close second at 16 with Collapse )

Congratulations are in order to the winners! As stated previously, first prize will be an arc of Escapement. I don't have 'em yet, but when I do the LOLJay winner will be one of the first people to get a chance to read the book. Second prize will be the winner's choice of any of my other books.

EscapementMainspringTrial of FlowersRocket Science
Tor Books, 2008
Tor Books, 2007
Trial of Flowers
Night Shade Books, 2006
Rocket Science
Fairwood Press, 2005

I will also throw into both prizes a random book from my library, probably a recent hardback I've finished reading. Also, both winners will be Tuckerized in an upcoming short story, details to be announced.

Winners, reach out to me with your contact info and we'll go from there.

[travel|personal] Miscellaneous updatery heads for the corn

Well, let's bumped, came to Omaha via Denver and Dallas. This chewed up a bit more of the day but wasn't the end of the world.

The Hertz random upgrade program hath delivered unto me a very hot Dodge Magnum wagon. I'm going to have to park at the back of the lot at work, lest anyone think I asked for a car from the premium collection.

Got 9,300 words done on "America, Such as She Is" (per the WIP here). I'm trying to follow my new process, as mentioned recently, moving slower through the text and paying a lot more attention to detail. This has resulted, first of all, in me writing slower than normal. (Yes, 9,300 words is slow for the time I put into it.) Also, this process has blown my sense of story length. Historically, I've been able to make very accurate estimations of length fairly early in the process. This one is baffling me.

It also feels very good to me. We'll see.

Day job tomorrow.

[travel] Wending our way back from Crescent City, CA

Sunday, lasirenadolce and I cruised home in the Genre car from Crescent City, CA. We followed this route up the coast to Newport, before we cut over to the 5, where traffic was deeply abysmal. We made better time behind the RVs on the two lanes of US-101 than we did on the Interstate.

As any time when I am travelling and Not In a Hurry, there were plentiful stops for photography and general messing about. Highlights were probably Tranny Man, the Prehistoric Gardens and Sea Lion Caves.

Now that I finally have all the pictures uploaded to Flickr (set here) I can post some highlights.

In Smith River, California, we came across Collapse )

That's the Ship Ashore Gift Shop. It's a ship. Ashore. The boat's so big it shows up in the aerial/satellite view on Google maps.

A little ways up the road, we saw Collapse )

Shortly after that, we were completely distracted in Brookings, OR, by Collapse )

Note the 1970s porn star hair and moustache. It took us a while to regain our self-control.

We then visited the Mary D. Hume, Collapse )

The bridge connecting Gold Beach and Wedderburn has some Collapse )

After that, we made it to the Prehistoric Gardens, which I'm pretty sure is frankwu's Collapse )

Then it was a visit to Sea Lion Caves, which is really Collapse )

Finally, a little something for garyomaha and kevin_standlee, Collapse ).

lasirenadolce has some way better pictures than mine. Check out her Flickr here. I did manage to geocode most of my photos on Flickr, for whatever that's worth. Later this week I'll make more photo posts about Crescent City and the redwoods, using photos from both of us.