October 1st, 2007


[personal] Dear Diary

Dear Diary —

Last night I dreamt about land and money and primary education. Somewhere in there danjite tried to sell me a very tricked out low-rider. It was a lime green 1964 Impala with a hydraulic kit to lift the body off the frame. I wound up in a New Orleans bordello which was heavily decorated with Socialist Realist murals of the age of steam railroads. I was in a dining room with a hooker who looked remarkably like Anjelica Houston, along with six or seven other patrons. We were having a sort of Mad Hatter's Tea Party with the makings of Caesar salad, which we were preparing rhythmically to the sounds of "Rasputin." The Boney M version of that song. I missed the eggs when they went round on the lazy Susan.

My moral dilemma is, should I be ashamed that I recognized which release of "Rasputin" was playing?


Doubtful in Dallas

[links] Weekend Reacharound

I'm in Dallas. I'll be home very late tonight. Extremely limited blogging bandwidth today, but in case you were off f-list since some time Friday, here's a few things of potential interest from this blog.

Link salad here and here.

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"All writing is arrogance"

The gentle horrors of revision

Explication of the New Model Process

[travel] Drag assing across the continent, again

Back in Denver International Airport. I was able to catch an earlier flight out of Dallas, but missed the earlier Portland connection by about three minutes. Am now loitering on A concourse. About to dive back into squirrelmonkey's book The Secret History of Moscow Amazon ], following in the footsteps of Neil Gaiman.

[travel|child] If this is Monday Tuesday, this must be Portland

Home from Dallas via Denver, around midnight here. Saw a coyote on the cross street about three blocks from my house just now. I don't suppose I should be surprised but I was.

I neglected to mention previously that this Monday morning just past the_child has headed off on a Big Adventure. Her entire fourth grade class is on a four day/three night field trip to a teaching ranch here in Oregon. They've all hauled their sleeping bags and toothbrushes under the supervision of their teacher1 and six or eight parents to slop horses and curry hogs and whatever else one does on a ranch. This is her first major trip away from home without a family member.

She was very excited to go, and we spoke on the phone Sunday night, as well as exchanging emails. When she returns, I'll see what I can do by way of a trip report, assuming she's game.

1. - Being as how she attends a Waldorf school, she's had the same teacher since first grade. Mr. C— knows these kids very well indeed.