October 9th, 2007


[personal] Updatery of the rankest order

:: commence transmission from Planet Jay ::

OryCon is in train, as is World Fantasy. We're looking at going to New York earlier for an event in NYC, not sure about that yet. We had considered going to LosCon, but my stepmother will be recovering from surgery then, and I have another family member in Texas who is very ill, so we're heading to the Lone Star state Thanksgiving week for visitations.

Writing at the coffee house this afternoon after work. I need to put in a little time on a couple of open projects, then I'm planning to dig into one of the stories I've promised. Got a couple of complex blog entries I want to write up as well.

Consider this another invitation to open questions in comments. Ask me anything you want.

[links] Link salad, politics-free edition

Weaving Batteries into Clothes — Money shot:
"Today, a typical [U.S. Army] platoon requires almost 900 batteries of up to seven different types for a five-day mission"

Get Fuzzy once more makes me wet myself with laughter — "Hey, if you were eaten by an assassin chicken..."

I stroked a pipistrelle — "Few outside of bat research know that bats sing, swarm, or defend territories, so I always like telling people about these things."

Atomic power plant of the future

Living Large — Isn't that actor Will Smith Laurence Fishburne in the photo?

Social consciousness and decision making

Bug Labs Open Source Hardware — Um, huh?

[food] Portland questions

Critical questions for Portlanders out there:

Now that Big Daddy's has closed down, where can I find southern-fried pickles in this town?

Ditto Midwestern style pork loin sandwiches like the White Horse used to serve.

And where is there decent, non-chain Tex-Mex out here?

After almost eight years living here, you'd think I'd know the answers to critical questions such as these.

Hungry? Me?

[links] Link salad, redux

Follow in 385,000 yr-old human footsteps in Italy — Except, of course, that Satan put them there to tempt us...

The junk food quiz — My score was 7/10. (Thanks to garyomaha.)

lillypond finds some rolling art here in Stumptown

The Wilsonville Minute — Small town business reporting from francitabozita, who cracked a scoop.

The Turtles talk about management in the music business — (Thanks to garyomaha.)

Comet LONEOS getting brighter faster than expected — I for one wish to be among the first to congratulate our new Oort Overlords on their arrival in the inner solar system. (Thanks to chriswjohnson.)

The legendary buy vs lease letters — Yuppie love and financial analysis.

[publishing] It's a production process, not a business model

For the four hundred eighty seventh time, "print on demand" is a production process, not a business model. I continue to be amazed at the number of otherwise intelligent, thoughtful people who conflate "print on demand" with "vanity publishing."

Some very fine, well-regarded books have been produced via print on demand from commercial presses. Some real trash has come out of the New York trade press. And vice versa. Production process is not an inherent predictor of quality, artistic merit or market value.

That is all. You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

[process] Stray (re)marks on my homework

I feel like I'm going back to school. As I've been writing lately, I've been asking myself some very basic questions about my characters. What does she care about? What is he going to lose here? Who decides, and what are their consequences for taking on that decision?

This New Model Process is really messing with my head. It's kind of like being a kid again — a little scary, a little fun, a little weird. Thankfully I have a vast reservoir of self-confidence to draw from when I'm stumbling around in the dark.

And maybe my characters will be a little more real now.