October 11th, 2007


[links] Link salad for a Thursday

Science and Technology

Shepherding moons — How Jupiter's rings keep their trim, girlish figures. (Thanks to AH.)

Why can bats fly when mice can't? — Well, there's this little thing called wings...

Tilt!Bad Astronomy dissects some really stupid pseudoscience.

Monster hunting no more — A reconsideration of crypto-zoology.


Mad kitchen gadgets — (Thanks to danjite.)

To Clarify Sloppy Signage, Airports Hire 'Wayfinders'


jeffvandermeer takes some exception to my recent post on anthologiesellen_datlow takes some exception to Jeff's exception.

Editor danhoyt announces the availability of his new project Fate Fantastic Powell's | Amazon ] — Includes my blatant Cordwainer Smith pastiche, "The Man With One Bright Eye."

Home Court Advantage — Applying draconian British libel laws to US publications.


Today's Dilbert get political — PHB: "I value loyalty over competence. That's the sign of a great leader." Nope, never seen that philosophy in action in real life.

Details emerge on the the death of an Alabama preacher — Former Falwell employee, Liberty University graduate, conservative pastor, found dead of autoerotic asphyixiation in a bizarre get-up, to say the least. At least he wasn't a liberal pervert!

[culture] The hand of history reaches forward

Remember the commentary about the Yugoslavian wars can be directly tied to the division of the Roman Empire? The hand of history reaches forward again in a dispute over the Armenian Genocide, which has some very real potential to affect the Iraq war and the fate of the Kurds.

This is both fascinating and tragic. It is also the stuff of novels.

[links] Link salad mo better booze


John Klima talks about guidelines and open submissions — Another shot fired in the "closed anthology" discussion, except he wasn't aiming there. Also, read through to james_nicoll's comment five or six comments down in this thread. It's about the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

jeffvandermeer Sums up his thinking in a separate post

An appreciation of copy editors — Snurched from cranky_editors.

catsparx rants on Australian spec fic — Lot of good stuff in there with general applicability.


Ann Coulter on that pesky female suffrage — "If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president. It's kind of a pipe dream, it's a personal fantasy of mine..." Ah, this must be more of those conservative values which us extreme secular Western liberals are undermining with our push to institute Shariate Law. (Because you all know how much progressives like me love the bloody embrace of religious extremism.) If women continue to vote, the terrorists have won!

More on genocide, in the form of a book review. — Per my earlier post about the Armenian Genocide. (Thanks to karindira.)

Wingnut trashing of 12 year old boy began in [Republican] Senator McConnell's office — Mmm, family values. If you can't get 'em on the issues, savage their kids. (The creeps on Michelle Malkin's blog have been posting the Graeme kid's home address, for example.)