October 18th, 2007


[poll] Big head, little arms

Because I had to buy a shirt the other day, I was reminded that my sleeve length is four inches longer than my inseam. I don't think this is all that normal. Think of it as my limb "ick" system.

In my continuing quest to understand my fellow wo|man, and amuse myself, I present the arms-and-legs poll.

Poll #1073420 Arms and Legs

How would you describe your limb "ick" system?

Big head, little arms. I am a human T. rex
The godlike proportions of a Barbie|Ken doll. I'm high waisted with legs that won't quit. Natural philosophers and aesthetes alike glory in my perfection of form.
Two arms, two legs, sleeve and inseam about the same. I could stand in for Leonardo's drawing of Man. What's your point?
Pongoid, baby. My sleeve is way longer than my inseam. I'm lucky I don't have calluses on my knuckles.
I walk with my hands. I am a human orangutan. Ook.
I'm only taking this poll because somebody made me do it. Where's my cookie?