October 22nd, 2007


[links] Weekend Reacharound

In case you were out having a life or otherwise ignoring f-list, here's some links of possible interest on this blog from last Friday and over the weekend.

My brush with fame — Or at least the famous.

My upcoming travel schedule

The "Amuse Me" contest voting poll — Help decide the lucky winner of a copy of my dark erotica chapbook.

On competence — And even more on competence, with a poll.

A query about political corruption

the_child's birthday party

A new podcast goes up

And, as usual, link salad here, here, here, and here.
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[links] Link salad, Monday-Monday edition

Is the story of Adam and Eve true? Did Adam and Eve really exist? — Of course, the ten reasons they give for Adam and Eve's literal existence are all intratextual to the Bible. This is a triumph of circular reasoning. I can boil that entire Web page down to "The Bible tells you Adam and Eve are real. Why should you believe the Bible? Because it tells you so!" (Well, that plus an even more nonsensical than usual swipe at evolution near the end of the page.) Nice to see the intellectual standards of faith are being upheld — no wonder these people believe in Creationism, they're being educationally stunted by this kind of "logic."

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at WarWhy Dad died at war might be a good question, too. Lies are lies, no matter how many times a president and his party declare their moral leadership.

War and Deliverance — Christopher Dickey on the link between the movie Deliverance and the Iraq War.

The Farm Fetish — An oldie but a goodie from Kung Fu Monkey. I've always wondered myself about our political obsession with the American family farm.

Guardian Online discusses print on demand — POD also received a recent mention on this blog. (Snurched from Charles Tan.)

Mars is Heaven — At least, if Heaven is rusty and full of craters. APOD has a terrific image of Victoria Crater, from rover Opportunity.

Measuring the Polar Meltdown — A team in Greenland tracks reality's liberal bias.

WW III — Bush tries to make sure the Base is scared enough to keep voting Republican. (Gotta have some reason, after all.)

America's Broken-Down Army — An old link from last spring which I just ran across, talking about abbreviated training and rushed deployments. Money shot:
"They can get desert training elsewhere," spokesman Tony Snow said Feb. 28, "like in Iraq."
Now that's what I call supporting the troops.

[child] Ambition, thy name is the_child

On the way to her birthday dinner tonight, the_child asked her mother and me if we ever wanted life to be different. "How?" I asked.

"You know, like get up in the evening, run around all night, sleep in the day. Different. My life isn't exciting enough."

So we talked about the things people do to make their life exciting. For example, being a photojournalist on international assignment. Or joining the Peace Corps. Or being a police officer or a doctor. We talked about the things people to do to make their life safe. Like being an accountant or an actuary.

She's a pretty good hand with a camera, and getting better. I suggested she set a goal, like photojournalism, then spend some of her time learning and practicing things to reach that goal. I told her it was fine to change the goal as she went along, but it would be good to have one.

I think she's developing a sense of the future.

Meanwhile, we're going geocaching this coming weekend, and she has asked if tillyjane will take her trail riding.

[personal] Things that roll for $200

Today my hair stylist asked if I wanted his racing rig. It's a street-legal 1965 Volvo 122 wagon with a bored out 2 litre engine and twin SU carbs in race tune. He claims it goes "faster than stink." Talk about your Q-ships... I'm sorely tempted, especially since his asking price is "give it a good home."

On the other hand, do I really need a car that's almost as old as I am? I mean, an old truck for dump runs and helping friends move is one thing. The Swedish Meatball From Hell is something else entirely.

In other news1, I took a few reference photos of a string of double decker passenger rail cars currently sitting on a siding near Nuevo Rancho Lake. Will upload and post at the next opportunity.

1. Admittedly, news of interest largely to garyomaha and kevin_standlee. Here at this blog the management believes in market segmentation.