October 28th, 2007


[links] Link salad, never never on a Sunday

Unique US home with Cold War ambiance — I am going here if I can figure out where it is. Because remember, no matter where you go, that's where you went. (Thanks to chriswjohnson.)

Polar Express 1942Shorpy with a lovely color photo of a WWII-era railyard.

Electoral maps by economic status — Interesting, if unclear in meaning.

Inmates play major role in fighting California fires

U.S. Could See a Water Shortage

The comment thread on the "Cringe Words" poll is amazing.

the_child and I are off geocaching shortly. More wit and erudition this evening. Off to New York tomorrow, btw.

[travel] Off to the races

lasirenadolce and I are off at the crack of doom tomorrow.

We're flying to Hartford, where we'll have dinner with jtdiii and breakfast with matociquala, probably in that order.

Tuesday it's down to Choate, my old high school (yes, I'm CRH '82, cum laude), to poke around and drop by the library.

That evening we are attending the Australian reception in New York City, then doing a chocolate thing with ktempest.

Wednesday morning kenscholes joins us for a field trip to the palatial Tor Books world headquarters, then the three of us are off to Saratoga Springs for WFC. My reading is 3 pm Friday afternoon, in case you're wondering.

We'll stay all the way through the dead dog, and fly home Monday, November 5th.

Readers of this blog should expect irregular outbursts of wit and erudition punctuated by vacant silences whilst I peregrinate. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.