November 10th, 2007


[links] Link salad, Saturday edition

Did W. Create Ron Paul? — Juan Cole on Ron Paul and George W. Bush. Money shot:
[I]t was so important for the Right to destroy Clinton precisely because he did make government relatively effective and popular.

How to win at Monopoly — And I thought our fandom was obsessive.

Top 101 City Lists

An economist solves the mysteries of dating

ozarque is terribly kind about Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]

[photos] Going for a walk with the_child

I'm having a writing day today, but after practicing reading with me and cello near me (it's not like I accompany her), the_child asked me to go for a walk. We headed over to a nearby strip mall, because she wanted to go to the dollar store there, then to Mike's Drive In for lunch. Collapse )

On the way back we passed Collapse )

Also, while walking through the strip mall I noticed a young woman installing Christmas decorations in a store window. Her name tag read "Destony." Which made made me wonder what it would be like to go through life with your fate misspelled. (Admittedly, the fate of a misspelled name is the precipitating event of one of my favorite movies, Terry Gilliam's Brazil.)

As usual, more at the Flickr set

[travel] Where's Jay, for those following along at home

11/11Cold War missile silo hunting in central Washington State with the_child and tillyjane
11/12 - 11/16Omaha, NE, with a special momo edition of the Omaha Beach Party Thursday for garyomaha, elusivem, matthewsrotundo, threeoutside and some other very fine folks sans LJ handles
11/16 - 11/17Orycon, Portland, OR, with lasirenadolce and (some of the time) the_child, including being the auctioneer at the Petry Auction
11/18 - 11/19Dallas, TX, with lasirenadolce and the_child, visiting family
11/20 - 11/23Galveston, TX, with lasirenadolce, the_child, lillypond and the Niece, visiting even more family at the beach
11/24Dallas, TX, with lasirenadolce and the_child, visiting family

After that I'm supposed to be home for a while, but there's an Atlanta trip rumbling up right after I get back, and possible one or two more Omaha trips in December.

[fiction] "Of Stone Castles and Vainglorious Time"

I'm continuing to post reprints of my fiction here on this blog. I'm considering making this a normal biweekly feature, between podcasting weeks. In any event, watch for the tag "fiction," as in The current installment in this series is a short story entitled "Of Stone Castles and Vainglorious Time."

At 2,300 words of length, this was originally sold to a 'zine which went under without publishing it. Due to the vagaries in my record keeping, it got stuck in the "sold" column for years, and so I failed to remarket it along the way. So I suppose this is not a reprint, but an original appearance, technically eligible for award nominations, Year's Best reprints and whatnot. It was finally printed in my 2007 collection from Wheatland Press, The River Knows Its Own Tangent Online Review | Wheatland Press ]. If you like this story, please consider supporting Wheatland Press with a purchase. In any case, enjoy.

Of Stone Castles and Vainglorious Time

by Jay Lake

In the vainglory of her youth, she'd asked him for a castle as the price of her hand. Flush on railroad money and other more obscure profits from Reconstruction, Colonel Striker set men to work. Eloise Hammond took the rising towers as surety and they wed on Midsummer's Day, 1884 on a mountainside just outside Powder Springs, West Virginia, amid the wooden derricks and ramshackle scaffolds of her growing fancy.

Collapse )

© 2002, 2007, Joseph E. Lake Jr.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

[writing] Updatish things

Well, I think I've been productive. I've executed a bunch of essentially administrative tasks (Con programming surveys, emails needing answering, etc.), did most of a major rewrite on an existing short piece, did minor rewrites on three other short pieces, submitted some stuff, wrote a decent chunk of a proposal for a novel called Geopolis. ("The word for world is city. Covering every inch and acre from polar ice caps to the tropical shores, it has stood from time out of mind.")

That's probably 5,000 words of new fiction today, counting the work on the proposal, as well as umpteen emails and fiddly bits beyond that. I really want to get the major rewrite done on Monday, and a couple of other small things. I have to get on to the Escapement CEM pretty darned pronto, and the next novel looms. (Details TBA.)