December 3rd, 2007


[links] Link salad, airline snack edition

Observing the universe may affect its duration — Got uncertainty?

The Austin American-Statesman takes on the Texas Education Agency — My former hometown paper is not exactly a raging bastion of liberalism, but neither is it a wingnut daily.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Intelligent Design — "Complete idiot" is right. The only real response to ID is mocking laughter. I'll have to work on that.

Names in gender transition

In which lasirenadolce and I are offered up as miracle workers — A squib for the Rainforest Writers Village. I'm number 6.

Don't forget to vote in the caption contest poll — At this point kradical is a runaway favorite.


Hopping on a plane to Omaha momentarily. Mostly a slow weekend, in which I was unusually low energy and logey. I did manage to cook momos on Sunday over at tillyjane's house, which redeemed me from the awful biscuits I'd made first thing in the am. (Important safety tip — two year old yeast is no substitute for baking powder. Keep creme of tartar around, damn it!) Back on the writing horse today, among other things. Expect intermittent wit and erudition this week,

[politics] Universal healthcare finance and delivery

A question for my conservative (and contrarian) friends. I have a lot of opinions about healthcare finance and delivery in the United States. What I don't understand is why conservatives are so whole heartedly opposed to changing healthcare finance and delivery to provide universal coverage. What is so terrible in your philosophy concering universal healthcare that almost 50 million people without affordable, reliable access to healthcare is preferable?

I'll have more to say about this later, but I'm looking for info (not snark) at the moment. This is one of the conservative positions that I find most profoundly baffling.

[personal] Updatery of the Omaha kind, more healthcare

Well, I'm in Omaha. Had a pleasant and productive business dinner.

Wrote a long bio on the plane (200+ words, for an upcoming book festival appearance) and finished first draft of short story "The Future by Degrees." (This is what the recent thermal properties of poop discussion was in connexion with.) I have attempted to mail it off for a physics beta read, but Gmail is being stinky about attachments right now.

Meanwhile, my question about conservative viewpoints on healthcare has spawned an interesting comment thread. Unfortunately, I missed my own point, which was looking for quiet perspectives from people with whom I probably disagree. I'm going to moderate comments on this post in hope of gaining some insight in a non-public fashion. If you have something to say that you prefer not to make part of the usual public affray hereabouts, feel free to post it here. Answers or comments will not be quoted by me later except with explicit permission on the part of the poster. Otherwise, feel free to join the affray on other thread as it pleases you.