December 16th, 2007


[links] Link salad, Sunday-rama

MotoArt — Art and furniture made of old aircraft and military parts. Can I have one of everything, please?

Shorpy with a picture of the Church of the Nativity, ca. 1940

A Vintage Christmas Carol — Mo better Shorpy.

Prince Charles will appear at conference as a hologram — Yes, we are fifteen minutes into the future. Where's Ron Headrest when you need him?

Republican commentators uneasy with Huckabee — Evangelicals are fine, as long as they keep their place in the voting line apparently. Yo, conservative America — its your big tent, you have to live with it. Unfortunately, so do the rest of us.

[audio] Podcast updated 2007-12-16

There's a new podcast up today. This is a recording of a lecture I did at 2007 North Coast Redwoods Writers' Conference in Crescent City, California, on how to know when you've succeeded as a writer.

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