December 17th, 2007



It was good day yesterday. As previously reported, I got some writing done, and we got a little get-together laid on. Despite being 50% of the honorees, khaybee and danjite also did most of the work for the party. lasirenadolce and Spike arrived from parts northward, the_child and her mother were in attendance. My parents showed up with lillypond, as did davidlevine and kateyule, joycemocha, deedop, writer couple D&M, some friends from the neighborhood, and probably a few folks I'm spacing out on. Cheese blogging in a day or so.

Woke up early today and put in a little writing time before the workday. (This is something I almost never do, early morning writing.) 1,100 words, which I'll complement sometime later today to meet base goal. I have to work all day, lunch with lillypond, then a hair appointment this afternoon. Time will be precious later.

The Lifetime Acheivement Hugo discussion continues apace on this blog, at scalzi's Whatever, and on mailing lists. Feel free to jump in...I'm watching and listening, and keeping my powder dry.

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Today's APOD is striking

If commas are outlawed, only outlaws will have commas — A linguist takes on the Second Amendment.

Spin — A striking (and weirdly funny) short film about the malleable nature of reality. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Rejected - Don Hertzfeldt — Um, wow. High weirdness via cartoon. (Also thanks to willyumtx.)

Philo T. Farnsworth on I've Got a Secret — (Thanks to garyomaha.)