December 19th, 2007


[tech] Microrant

Dear Intarwebs:

Please stop it with the in-window pop up graphic ads that obscure content and which I cannot find a way to get rid of. 'Specially the ones which are tuned to Internet Explorer and therefore munge a Safari browser window even after I do find the damned "go away" button.



[personal] Fluorescent pirate golf

Last night after I'd cranked out my wordage and the_child had gone home, khaybee, danjite, lasirenadolce and I went to play putt putt golf at Glowing Greens. davidlevine had tipped us off to it a few days back. It's a black light miniature golf course in the basement of a downtown office building, decorated with a fluorescent pirate theme. I doubt I need to say more than that, but the evening also featured a Pinto hearse (photos later) and a discussion of whether there could be such thing as a zombie skeleton.

Afterwards we drove to Peacock Lane to look at the Christmas lights, which was especially strange with the 3-D glasses we'd picked up while playing fluorescent pirate golf.

[links] Link salad, low calorie edition


[photos] Ford Pinto hearse

A hearse, built from a 1973 Ford Pinto wagon, late 1960s FoMoCo taillights of uncertain origin, and headlights of even more uncertain origin. We found this in the parking garage above the fluorescent pirate golf. Turns out that the driver works at the golf place. The car was converted by his dad as a prop car for the annual haunted house his dad runs — it's never been a working hearse.

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[links] Link salad, afternoon refresh

An "air tree" — I don't what the hell this is, but this seems to have landed in Spain. I think maybe the future arrived while we weren't watching it.

The Air Car — Not that kind. Compressed air. An interesting concept, but it brings a whole new meaning to the idea of having a flat. (Thanks to ferragus.)

More about the Texas Education Agency official forced to resign over an email that called Creationism into question

Per bovil a feed for — For us political junkies, of any persuasion (except the paranoid, I suppose).

Romney and pardons — This piece of analysis is probably only of interest of political junkies. (Like me.)

Top 10 Bushisms of 2007 — One thing I've never understood — why is it acceptable to have a president who talks like a junior high special ed student? It doesn't reflect well on Bush himself, on the Republican party, on conservatives in general, and on America at large. The only answer I can come up with is the signature anti-intellectualism of conservative America. A favorite liberal game: imagine the press reaction if Hillary or Obama couldn't keep Austria and Australia straight. The media would go to town on it. Bush? Lifetime free pass from the "liberal" media.