December 21st, 2007


[links] Link salad to wrap the week

Eco-boat powered by human fat attempts round the world speed record — "The fastest eco boat on the planet will attempt to break the round the world speed record using fuel made from human fat." Well, sort of. Still, weird.

Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US — (Snurched from kadath.) Symbolic gesture with little effect, or the first emergence of post-American microstates?

Evidence Mounts for Electromagnetic Earthquake Precursors

Bail Is Revoked for L.I. Woman in Slavery Case — I read this story and thought, "WTF?"

Just Ahead: A Wider Wireless World — A discussion of the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction.

hal_obrien on living la vida steampunk

Gifts for Geeks — From Technology Review.

Bug Labs open source hardware reviewed — I still haven't quite wrapped my head around how open source hardware is supposed to work.

Scientists say asteroid could hit Mars

The Louisiana Purchase in 19 seconds

The secret to winning at rock, paper, scissors

Thomas Edison's film of the moving sidewalks at the 1900 Paris Exhibition — Now we know what Heinlein was looking at when he said "the roads must roll".

Wired editors offer smart answers to silly questions

snippy points to a New York Times opinion piece denouncing roller bags — Wow, that writer has issues.

[writing] The ironies of time

It was supposed to be a quiet day. lasirenadolce is back up north for a few. danjite and khaybee have headed back south for the winter. the_child and her mother went clamming at the coast. In other words, I have the house absolutely to myself.

Intending to spend quite a few hours at Green, I popped out first for some discreet last minute Christmas shopping. Walking back to the Genre car with three sacks of gifts and miscellanea, I tripped on a curb and fell forward right on top of the three bags. I banged my knees pretty good, slammed my hands into the sidewalk, and crushed a number of the gifts. (Miraculously nothing frangible franged.) I also wrenched my back slightly. My bags tore open, and I had to make two more blocks with a bunch of loose and highly disarranged stuff in hand.

I still have a headache now, three hours+ after taking my spill, and my hands and fingers still ache. I was so unsettled when I got home that I wrapped presents instead of trying to write. I really felt very unmotivated about the book, but I sat down and put out 2,600 words anyway, to 46,000 words. Met my daily requirement, but since I'd hoped to write two to three times that much, I find myself disappointed.