January 1st, 2008


[personal|process] Year End Summary

Happy New Year, all. (At least if you're Gregorian.) Here's my obligatory year-end summary.

This year in my writing related program activities (ie, excluding day job output, which is substantial) I have written about:

104,000 words of first draft novel
345,000 words of LiveJournal entries
10,000 words of nonfiction, reviews, articles, etc.
90,700 words of first draft short fiction

That's 549,000 words of new material in 2007. I still have no idea how to account for revisions, and email is still copious but irrelevant. Collapse )

So what does it mean? Well, in 2006 I wrote a hell of lot more novel, and somewhat less short story. Nonfiction output is down as well. LiveJournal, on the other hand, is up quite a bit. Somehow this doesn't seem like a good thing.

Some of this is the shift to the New Model Process. I went essentially dark from the spring to the fall, right through the summer, except for a few short stories and my continued presence here online. That wasn't angst, it was transition. I knew it at the time, so it didn't alarm me too much.

I doubt I'll be back at the 2006 peak word counts again. I write slower and more thoughtfully, and will probably continue to slow down as I work at it. This is mostly a problem for my own self-evaluation process, but I'm beating myself into submission. And even with the issues, it's not a writing year to be anything but proud of.

I'd like to produce at least two first draft novels a year. (I did not even produce one complete first draft in 2007.) I'd like to produce them with enough lead time for the steeping aspect of the New Model Process to really be effective. Short fiction is still a great pleasure of mine, but I think I just need to be very relaxed about my numbers there, given that I'm committed to doing novels.

Once, I thought that if I did it fast enough I could do it all. Now, I want to do it well, at whatever pace that takes.

[help] Burning saffron

Can anybody tell me what burnt or burning saffron smells like? I'll get by someplace and buy some in the next day or so if I need to, but I thought somebody might have experienced this along the way.

[writing] Progriss riport

9,200 words today, to 112,300 on Green. Discussing the book in a high level sense with lasirenadolce over dinner tonight, I had an important insight about the plot and character issues. So after dinner I dove back in and spent a couple of hours retroconning and rewriting to twist in an important thread which constitutes a very large rock with which to bash poor Green.

Collapse )