January 20th, 2008


[links] Link salad for the day of rest

The Smile Game — Telemarketing and you. (Thanks to lasirenadolce.)

Get Fuzzy on mind reading

Unmanned aerial vehicles the size of a cigarette — Ok, this is cool.

Bay of Fundie on the new ID movie Expelled — Talking about Creationist/ID critiques of "Darwinism." My favorite bit:
Science is in the business of attempting to disprove itself. [Ben Stein is] so fixated on Darwin that he has blinded himself to the advances in evolutionary theory that have happened since. No wonder he thinks evolution is outdated. He’s using a 150-year-old definition.

Ted Rall on the inherent dangers of Huckabee's Christianist anti-intellectualism — Much of what I've been saying. With convenient cites to Huckabee's own words. (Thanks to goulo.)

[politics] McCain and the real conservatives

You know, I have a lot of issues with McCain, stretching back to his Keating 5 days all the way forward to his support for the Iraq War and his equivocation on torture (ETA: I seem to have overstated this case.), but at the same time anybody who pisses off Limbaugh and DeLay can't be a total loss. I realize that the enemy of my enemy1 is not necessarily my friend, but this still could be promising.

1. Defining "enemy" in this second case as "those who have systematically looted the economy; shattered America's international reputation and power; ravaged civil liberties, individual rights, and the centuries-old system of checks and balance; all while melting down any semblance of fiscal responsibility." Or to put it somewhat more succinctly, Republicans.

[fiction] "Arrange the Bones"

I'm continuing to post reprints of my fiction here on this blog. Watch for the tag "fiction," as in http://jaylake.livejournal.com/tag/fiction.

The current installment in this series is the original short story "Arrange the Bones". At 1,000 words, this originally appeared in Say...Was that a Kiss? back in 2002, then reprinted by Prime Books in my 2004 collection, Dogs in the Moonlight Powell's | Amazon ]. If you like the story, please consider supporting Fortress of Words and their Say... zine, as well as Prime Books.

Arrange the Bones

by Jay Lake

Little ever changed for Elise. Over the years the kitchen's pressed tin ceiling sagged, the ceaseless high plains wind found new passages through the walls, and generations of field mice and feral cats fought across the shattered linoleum. She only wanted to go outside, plant her feet in the red clay soil, and touch the sky. But she couldn't leave her bones, and they couldn't leave the old wood-fired stove where Henry had baked her dry that hot summer day in 1937.

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© 2002, 2004, 2008, Joseph E. Lake Jr.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

[personal|writing] The weekend that was

I had the_child most of the waking hours this weekend. Given that Friday evening and Saturday morning were both rocky for her, this turned out surprisingly smoothly. lasirenadolce and Spike were back, which was nice. She and I did go see Sweeney Todd Saturday night, which I enjoyed, though I kept thinking about the continuity errors and baldfaced reaches which would never fly in one of my books or stories. It's a rare movie that can slick me right past that internal editor. "B" grade Tim Burton is enjoyable, but nowhere near that calibre.

Writing wise, I got about 4,200 words into "The Baby Killers." (This after doing a full draft of "Bringing the Future Home" earlier in the week.) That story is coming very slowly, the New Model Process dogging me hard, much as it did with "Witness to the Fall" last summer, the first short story I wrote under NMP. I'm aiming for 20,000 words, but as with NMP, I don't really see if I'm going to get there or not.

Also spent a bunch more time today revising "America, Such as She Is." That novella is back out to last readers, and I'll have it returned to market before the end of the week.

Finally, via effort this weekend I'm six chapters in to the page proofs of Escapement Amazon ]. I'm enjoying the book quite a bit, which is probably a good sign.

Once "The Baby Killers" is off my plate, and Escapement is back in Tor's mighty grasp, I'll be on to Madness of Flowers.

I'm here all week and through next weekend (except for anitar's memorial on Saturday, which I am going to try very hard to attend), then off to Omaha on a slightly longer-than-usual business trip.