February 3rd, 2008


[links] Link salad for the day of rest

Waiting for It — "Why does it take so long to publish a book?" Interesting stuff, though some of it made me laugh. (Tipped from a mailing list I'm on.)

Amazon Buying Audible.com for $300M — (Tipped from a mailing list I'm on.)

Locus Recommended Reading: 2007Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ] is on there, along with my novelette "Crossing the Seven", and the short story written by gregvaneekhout and me, "C-Rock City". (Thanks to controuble for the tip.)

Incorrections in the news room — The perils of automatic correction via search-and-replace. "Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day."

Shorpy with another gorgeous railroad photo — Trains in Cajon Pass.

Galactic Broadband — "...another way to send information in a radio signal — even a narrow-band radio signal — by encoding it in the orbital angular momentum. It's as if they've found 'subspace channels,' a là Star Trek."

wtf_nature with non-Newtonian fluids — This is seven kinds of cool. I sense a kitchen science experiment coming on here at Nuevo Rancho Lake.

What's really wrong with newspapers — An interesting perspective on the decline of newspapers. If you believe in the magic of self-correcting market forces, you'll dismiss this as liberal fluff, but it touches on a lot of reality-based issues.

Study Reveals Why Monkeys Shout During Sex — More than you wanted to know about primate sex. (Unless you're a Young Earth Creationist, "primate" would include you. Offer not valid for all belief systems.)

Domestic Partnerships Allowed in Oregon — As of Monday. I am so proud of my adoptive home state. Ooops, I can hear the rending noise of heterosexual marriages already being pulled apart! Good Christian fear for sinners here!

Marry Our Daughter — I found this completely by accident while looking for something else. I hope to God it is parody. I am reliably informed in comments that this is a parody, thank God.

Yes We Can — a very striking political video for Obama. Worth the watch whether or not you're interested in him.

How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide — This is freaking hilarious, if you can stand the persecuted-conservative rhetoric. A rant by someone who thinks that all liberals are socialists, and that McCain is a liberal. (He doesn't go on to complete the syllogism, thereby betraying a lack of a classical education.) Apparently liberals who are unable to shut up about the benefits of socialism have taken over the Republican party. I'd settle for having liberals take over the Democratic party first, but since that hasn't happened yet... My presumption is the writer is one of those conservatives for whom anyone he doesn't agree with is a socialist by definition, rather than someone who actually has any understanding of what socialism (or liberalism) is. (Slow site to load, btw.)

A Swede comments on American politics — Oddly, this denizen of the Socialist Hell that is Sweden doesn't notice that the liberals haven taken over here. He must not have gotten the memo. Darn that reality-based reality!

[writing] Looking back on January

After bemoaning my lack of productivity for 2007, 2008 seems to have begun well.

90,700 words of first draft on Green, as I powered through the second half of the book.

Also, first drafts of short stories "Bringing the Future Home" (short), "The Baby Killers" (novella), "The Lollygang Save the World on Accident" (short) and "Passive Voices" (flash), totalling 31,800 words. (I've already written the first draft of a 1,900 word short in February, "Shedding Skin; Or How the World Came to Be".)

In attempting to count revisions, I am crediting myself with the equivalent of 8,000 words of effort for revision work on "The Future by Degrees", "The Sky That Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black", "Chain of Fools", "America, Such as She Is", and "Bringing the Future Home".

For short fiction, I had five submittals, one acceptance, two rejections, and two stories in ongoing rewrite discussions with editors. Green was also confirmed with Tor this month.

February will mostly be concerned with rewrites on some of the recent short drafts in order to get them out to market, and a deep revision on Madness of Flowers. I put in about 3 hours on that project yesterday, in fact.

That's 122,500 words of first draft, and 8,000 words-equivalent of revision. There's nothing like a little reportable accountability to keep me going. (Pardon me, is my business background showing?)

[fiction] "Evolution in Action"

This is a poem I wrote back in 2002. I marketed it a few places, but fundamentally I am not a poet, and it shows. Nonetheless, I'm rather fond of this piece. So here you go.

Evolution in Action

by Jay Lake
Daddy was a Neanderthal
Bright eyes like diamonds in the sky
He loved me in his great huge arms

My Mama went to Bard College
Majored in interpretive dance
Hair like fire on a summer night

Genetic drift, my furry ass
I was a beautiful baby
I'm a big, handsome man today

The women love my rough good looks
I'm evolution in action
Science marches on my feet

Hey babe, buy an ape-man a drink?
◊ ◊ ◊

© 2002, 2008, Joseph E. Lake Jr.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

[personal] Coming soon at Nuevo Rancho Lake

Oobleck Party.

  • 40 gallons water
  • 1,280 cups of cornstarch
  • wading pool
Next time the weather's warm and dry (and I'm home), we're making a mess! I'll post for PDX area folks to come play.

This is science, man.

(Anyone know where to buy a trunkful of cornstarch on the cheap? That's about 425 pounds. I could also use a kiddie pool.)

[persona[] Nice afternoon

Bailed on Madness of Flowers a little after 2. lasirenadolce, the_child and I headed for tillyjane's house for Peking duck with AH, lillypond, the Niece, and family friends S and his granddaughter E. W had pot stickers, lo mien, and homemade duck, followed by lemon bars and sorbet. It was all topped off with a rousing game of Apples to Apples, courtesy of the_child.

Back to work tomorrow. In other news, I hear the Giants won something. I didn't realize it was baseball season yet. Go, San Francisco!